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Here is some interesting or rare information about Moscow.

Which is geographic coodinates of Moscow?

It is the 55 45' of northen latitude and 37 37' of easten longitude.

How many time the snow is cover the land in Moscow?

By statistics, the snow is covered the land to 15-20 of November. And finally remains to the end of second week of the April. So the first spring flowers are blossomed exactly to 15 of April and there is just one or two very little pieses of black dirty ice in the shadow. It is usually, but there are years when winter left the nature one or two weeks later or one week earleir. The Moscow region keeps cold to one or two weeks later than city.

Want about traffic jams?

There are some traffic jams problems like in all world cities. It is difficult to use a car during morning and evening prime time in working days. In holidays, it is more easy to use a car. The Moscow has 4 road rings so it is great advantage.

How many peoples live in Moscow?

It is roughly 10 millions people. Many people came into Moscow from Moscow region to work every day.

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